Your guide to fares & tickets available on our buses

At Excetera, catching one of our buses is not just easy, but value for money too. We try to keep the fares as low as possible and offer a range of tickets to suit everyone. When boarding our buses, state your destination and whether you require a single, a return or a weekly ticket. You will be issued with a ticket, please keep it for inspection during your journey.

Our inspectors regularly board the bus. If you fail to produce a valid ticket, you are liable for a fine. Should you be caught travelling with a forged ticket then the police will be called and we will always press for a criminal prosecution. We also reserve the right to reclaim any lost revenue through the civil courts.
The Standard penalty fare is £50.00. So please, look after that ticket!! Although our drivers carry change, we would appreciate you tender the correct fare, this also speeds up the boarding time and therefore helps us to arrive on time at your destination. Any concessionary or period passes must be shown to the driver. If you forget your pass, you will be asked to pay the appropriate fare for your journey. The onus is on you the individual to remember, not our drivers

Happy travelling!

Single, Return & Day Tickets

Tickets & Fares

If you are just making one single journey, ask the driver for a “Single ticket” to where you are going. If you are travelling anywhere and coming back on the same day, buy a “Day Return” which gives you a substantial discount on the cost of two single tickets.
All child tickets are issued at half the price of an adult fare. You need to be aged from 5 to 16, though and it is up to you to prove your age to the driver if you look older. We do not refund any fares afterwards if there is any doubt as to age at the time of boarding, or if you do not request a child’s fare.
A bus student fare card enables 16 to 18 year old Surrey students attending full-time education to travel on Surrey buses at the same fare as under 16s. These are only available from Surrey County Council.

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Weekly Tickets

Tickets & Fares

Make fantastic savings with a weekly ticket! This ticket, which can be bought on the bus, allows you seven days of unlimited travel on all Excetera services. It is perfect for commuting to college or work as you do not have to worry about carrying cash every day, and can buy the ticket at the beginning of the week.



Adult & Child Weekly ticket is available on most services and is valid for 7 consecutive days.



Unfortunately, other operators weekly and season tickets are not valid on Excetera services.



Failure to present a valid ticket when travelling on a bus is in breach of the Public Service Vehicle Regulations and is a criminal offence.

Therefore, if you are caught without a ticket or an incorrect ticket on one of our services we will either issue you with a penalty fare or you may be prosecuted instead.

If you are not issued with a valid ticket then you should call 01737 642225 and report the time and route that you have travelled.

It is the responsibility of all passengers to ensure that they have the correct ticket for their journey. If you are stopped without a ticket but not issued a penalty fare, you should expect to receive a letter within a few days outlining where and at what time you were stopped. This letter will ask you for any comments relating to the issue. This provides you with an opportunity to outline any issues you may consider are relevant to your case.

Buses Excetera will make a decision as to whether to forward your case for prosecution or not. If they decide to prosecute, you will receive a Court Summons to appear at one of four Magistrates’ Courts. A record of the fine will be maintained by the Magistrates’ Court for a period of five years.

If you use the services for School then the school will also be advised along with your parents and you will be withdrawn from being able to use our services.

Fare evasion is a significant issue for all bus companies and we believe that those who do not pay the relevant fare for their journey are cheating other fare-paying passengers.

This information is provided in order to increase awareness of fare evasion issues and the prosecution process. You should note that we are not competent to provide legal advice on such issues, and we would always recommend that you immediately seek legal advice from your solicitor or local

Citizen’s Advice Bureau in the event of a threat of prosecution.


Discovery Tickets  

Explorer TicketsDiscovery tickets are useful for anyone wishing to travel on several different services in one day, or for using other operators’ buses.

Discovery fares:

Adult Discovery – £8.50                                  Child Discovery– £7.00
Family Discovery – £16.00    (up to 2 Adults & 3 Children or 1 Adult & 4 Children – 5 people maximum)



Concessionary Pass   
Concessionary Pass

Bus travel is free for senior citizens of eligible age and for disabled people that reside in Surrey. Eligibility age is the same as a woman’s pensionable age for both men and women. Anyone who holds an English National Concessionary Pass, can enjoy free off-peak travel on any local buses anywhere in England upon presentation of their pass.
There are no restrictions at weekends or on Public Holidays. Simply show your pass to the driver, state your destination as you board (your pass will be recorded on the ticket machine but no ticket will be issued to you). Off-peak times are between the hours of 09:30 and 23:00 on Mondays to Fridays and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
We welcome you on board before 0930 as well but we will have to charge you a flat fare of £1.00 for your journey. Please tell the driver where you are going and take a ticket from them.
Surrey residents who are disabled can travel free at any time upon presentation of their Pass, residents of other counties may travel free after 0930 on Mondays to Fridays and all day at weekends and Public Holidays.
Applications for ENCTS passes must be made either online or through your local library.

Regrettably we do not accept Welsh or Scottish Concessionary Passes.