The Excetera School Bus Code Of Conduct
Most of the children we transport to school each day behave and are a credit to their school and their parents, however sometimes one or two may get a little excited especially at home time!!
Parents and their children should take time and read our code of conduct and please abide by it, we wouldn’t want to ban you from one of our buses.


Code of Practice

Parents/Guardians agree to:

  • Help their children to know and follow the safest route to and from pick-up points if unaccompanied.
  • Remind children how to behave in a safe manner: wait for a bus to pull well away before crossing the road:never open a door on the bus, except in an emergency:never throw anything out of a bus window:do not distract the driver by bad behaviour, including shouting, on the bus.
  • Ensure children leave the house with sufficient time to get to the bus stop easily before the bus is due.
  • Make sure children have their weekly ticket or money to give to the bus driver
  • Remember that unruly or dangerous behaviour on the bus will not be tolerated nor will foul language, spitting, smoking, drug use or any abuse towards the driver and other students. Any student may be excluded from school buses without notice.
  • Teach children the financial consequences of vandalism on the bus. Payment to Excetera for any damage caused will be the responsibility of parents/guardians.
  • Regularly talk to children about their bus journeys and contact the school or Excetera if they suspect any dangerous or inappropriate behaviour is occurring on the bus.
  • Support action taken by the school and/or Excetera to deal with poor behaviour on behalf of all the students on a bus.


Students agree to:

  • Be ready at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive and indicate for the bus to stop
  • Have their weekly ticket or money ready to hand to the driver.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped before trying to get on or off.
  • Sit down as quickly as possible.
  • Stay in their seat when the bus is moving.
  • Think about their actions at all times and not distract the driver.
  • Never eat or smoke on the bus and drink only if really thirsty during hot weather.
  • Have consideration for other people and be careful with their language so as not to cause offence.
  • Ensure that litter is not thrown around or left on the bus.
  • Remember that they have a collective responsibility to stop bad behaviour.
  • Act in a way that does not endanger themselves or others. Items thrown from a bus can kill or seriously maim. Occurrences of this will be dealt with as a police matter.
  • Treat the driver with respect & consideration and follow any instructions he gives.
  • Tell the driver if he is doing a good job, it builds up a good relationship; if he isn’t – just tell us and they can sort it out
  • Remember that the driver can insist that students misbehaving should leave the bus and he can ask the police to assist.
  • Take care of the bus and do no damage. Your parents will be liable for any damage caused and if Excetera reports the matter to the police it may result in a prosecution.
  • Not to take up needed seating by placing schoolbags on seats. Put them under your seat. Do not block the aisle or emergency exit.


Bus Drivers agree to:

  • Follow the scheduled route and timetable stopping at all stops as requested.
  • Maintain a courteous and professional detachment with students.
  • Report any instances of misbehaviour. If needed, seek as a last resort assistance from Excetera supervisors, the school or the police.
  • Check for lost property after each journey and hand in anything found at the end of the day.
  • Check for any damage after each journey and report any found to the Excetera supervisor.


During Boarding & Alighting,your driver will

  • Approach bus stops with care and not brake sharply.
  • Maintain control of the bus doors and keep the doors shut until the bus is at a complete standstill.
  • Check in the nearside mirror before pulling away in case latecomers are trying to board.
  • Not leave a stop until all students are seated.
  • Make sure all students are clear of the vehicle before pulling away.
  • Co-operate with schools over pick-up and set-down arrangements on school grounds.
  • Not to load the bus beyond the licensed capacity.
  • Neither smoke at any  time on board a school bus or use a hand held mobile phone while the bus is moving.
  • Make sure luggage is safely stowed and the gangway and emergency exits are not obstructed
  • In an emergency, if necessary, evacuate the students in an orderly manner and place them in a safe location.


Schools agree to:

  • Reinforce the safety rules for students on buses.
  • Ensure students understand that poor behaviour at any time on or in the vicinity of buses may lead to death or serious injury to themselves or others.
  • Take appropriate measures to deal with any poor behaviour and work with Excetera and parents/guardians in the event of problems.
  • Agree contingency plans with operators in the event of bad weather or other emergencies.
  • Provide adequate supervision at school set-down and pick-up points.