Everything you need  know to join us on board​




When you see the bus heading towards you just put your arm out so the driver can see you.



When you get on the bus speak with our friendly driver and tell them where you would like to go. If you have a pass or need to pay you will be issued with a ticket either way and be given enough time to find a seat before we pull away. Need some extra help with access to the bus? If a driver hasn’t already, don’t be afraid to ask them to lower the bus for a smaller step from the curb or ask them to pull out the ramp if you require it – we’re here to help you.



Take a seat and relax or hold tight if one isn’t available.



When you want to get off the bus, press one of the ‘stop’ buttons located throughout the vehicle in plenty of time and the driver will pull up at the next available bus stop.



We care about your safety and for this our drivers need to dedicate their attention to driving when were on the move. For this reason we would ask politely that you do not distract the driver unless in the case of an emergency.



Please keep noise to a minimum for the comfort of other passengers. Personal music players should remain personal and your telephone calls should ideally remain between just you and the person on the other end of the phone.



Although we won’t say that you cannot eat or drink on board we do ask that you refrain from consuming Strong smelling foods on board and to please take your litter with you or use the bins provided – nobody wants to sit in a mess so please don’t leave it like one.



If one of our drivers has exceeded your expectation and gone beyond the call of duty then please tell us so we can reward the driver accordingly. It’s great for us to know you’re happy and great for them to know they are appreciated. Similarly if one of our drivers has fallen below the high standards of customer service we expect from them, we need to know and so do they. So never be afraid to tell us what you think.


How To Use Our Buses





How To Use Our Buses