Advertise On Our Buses

We all notice posters. Everyone who makes a journey to work, school, to visit friends, or to go to the shops, sees them.

Poster advertising is common with the internet, it is the medium that is bucking the trend of declining and fragmenting audiences, delivering increasing value to advertisers as more and more consumers on the move are influenced by advertising messages on the posters they see. So why not try advertising inside or outside our buses?

Bus advertising is an economic and efficent way to reach a large amount of public everyday. By vinyl wrapping our buses you will increase visibility of your brand and be sure your prospects remember you.

Who are Buses Excetera?

  •  Privately owned bus company
  •  Over 40 single and double-deckers buses and coaches
  •  Operating services in Guildford, Leatherhead & Dorking
  •  80% of buses Low Floor & Buggy Friendly
  •  All buses cleaned inside & out every day
  •  1,000+ passengers carried every day


Prices start from as little as £10.00 per month. All prices are subject to VAT and exclude artwork.


Payment must be made in advance of advert being displayed.


Contact us to discuss your requirements or email us