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We love what we do at Excetera and we hope it shows in our service. People tell us we’re the really good bus company (so we thought we’d call us that ourselves too!) and we certainly don’t take that for granted. In fact, that’s our motivation by our dedicated team to make sure we carry on building on our successes and take us forward into the future.  Below is the team that make it all work, but we can’t forget the drivers too!  Without them, there would be no service! Our team consists of “people people” and we work hard to ensure that we employ staff who are popular with their customers. Trained to treat customers in the same way they’d treat their mum, our drivers drive regular routes so they become known to their customers, and many are on first-name terms with their regulars.  We’re continuously told by our customers that our drivers remain the most important reason for coming back to our services. We reckon they really are the best bus drivers in the world.

All of our vehicles have low-level access for disabled customers as well as CCTV. All feature designated areas for disabled passengers and those with special needs.

Every day before going into service our buses are washed and cleaned and checked thoroughly to make sure they meet the high standards we set for you.

The ExceteraTeam

The ExceteraTeam

Well, these are the most important part of our team, the drivers, these are the faces behind the steering wheel that you meet every day you travel. We could’nt run the buses without them.  All our team our hand picked so you get the best customer service. They will always make you feel welcome with a smile everytime you board our buses